Dr. Oz's Skin Moisture Calculator: The Combo Skin Plan

If you're dealing with both dry and oily skin spots on your face, follow this plan from dermatologist Dr. Howard Brooks, MD.

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Fix dry patches and an oily T-zone with these steps.

Step 1: Morning Routine

Rinse face with warm water only.

Step 2: Nightly Routine

Look for cleansers with glycerides, as this will help hydrate the dry skin without increasing oil production.

Step 3: Moisturizer Routine

For combination skin, you'll apply two levels of moisturizer. The base will be a pea-size amount of sunflower seed oil. Apply this twice a day, once at night and once during the day. Sunflower seed oil doesn't clog your pores and lets the oilier parts of your skin breathe. The second add-on to the drier parts of your face will be a cream moisturizer. Look for glycerides as a leading ingredient and apply to the dry spots only twice a day.


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