Dr. Oz’s Ultimate $10 Summer

Dr. Oz is saving you money all summer long. Learn frugal ways to feed your family, start a fitness plan and treat yourself. Try out affordable recipes, cheap beauty treatments and smart ways to get in better shape without spending a dime.

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Overhaul your health this summer. No excuse will help you get around these economical suggestions. Try them for yourself, share them with a friend or involve the entire family. All you'll need is a few dollars and a little motivation. Get started now.

 The 5-Step Money-Saving Plan

1. Phone a Friend: $0

Adopt the buddy system. When you're trying to lose weight or get fit, a good friend should always be there to keep you on track. To take Dr. Oz's Buddy Weight Loss Challenge, click here.

2. No Babysitter, No Excuses: $0

Save money on childcare. Bring the kids along and turn getting your 10,000 steps into an opportunity to bond and burn calories.

3. No Membership Required: $0

No gym membership? No equipment? No problem. Reexamine household chores and turn them into at-home workouts. For example, get lean while you do the laundry. Put the basket on the floor; squat down to pick up each piece of clothing, one at a time. Repeat until you're done fluffing and folding. Make it more advanced: alternate bringing your knees to your chest after each squat. You'll be breaking a sweat in no time. Click here for more workouts designed for busy moms on a budget. 

4. Eat Local: $5

Shop local markets to seek out seasonal items and special deals. You can get a week's worth of fruits and vegetables for about $5. Take Dr. Oz's shopping list with you.

5. Try Something New: $3

Don't get stuck in a rut. Change your approach to dieting by trying different foods. Keep it interesting with new recipes. This spinach and artichoke whole grain pasta dish will only cost you $3 per serving. Click here to get the recipe.