Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Checklist

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Are you looking for ways to get healthy and peel the years off your body? Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen are back with the ultimate anti-aging checklist. Don't wait until you're falling apart--change the way you look at life and start your path to better health today!

Barbara is 60, but her body is much younger. After 22 years of yoga, regular belly-dancing classes and her passion for reading and writing, Dr. Roizen says Barbara's "real age" is 48.

Sandra is 63, but her "real age" is just 50. Dr. Roizen says that through meditation, plenty of sleep, a balanced diet and making time for her passion of riding horses, Sandra has shaved 13 years off her calendar age. Finding that passion in your life is hugely important in staying young, Dr. Roizen says. "It's about an 8-year effect," he says. "It's a major factor."

Unlike Barbara and Sandra, Laura is not living a healthy lifestyle. She smokes, doesn't exercise and doesn't deal well with her stress. She is 44, but her "real age" is 60. "Temporarily," Dr. Roizen says. "You can still get younger--that's the good news."

The first step is to make the changes on this checklist. "The things we'll show here, just in the right amounts, can take a dramatic amount of aging off of you," Dr. Oz says.