Dr. Oz's Ultimate Guide to Preventing Breast Cancer

Dr. Oz reveals how routine mammograms, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can help women prevent breast cancer.

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Only 20% of breast cancer patients have a family history of the disease. A statistic like this means that, for many women, a diagnosis of breast cancer can strike without warning. But that does not mean you are powerless. Routine mammograms, a healthy immune system fueled by some smart diet choices, and a little vitamin D can help you prevent breast cancer.

Dr. Oz's Ultimate Guide to Preventing Breast Cancer

Get a Routine Mammogram

Don't skip your mammogram. It plays a critical role in early detection - which means finding breast cancer at a curable stage. In fact, stages 0 and 1 have 98% cure rates. Studies show that, on average, mammograms decrease the death rates on breast cancer by about 30%. To read more about mammograms, click here.

Boost Your Immunity

Researchers have isolated 2 key areas for breast cancer prevention - estrogen regulation and immunity boosting. Many types of breast cancer are fueled by estrogen, but there are ways you can reduce the fuel that makes cancer cells multiply, divide and spread. Strengthening your immune system is one of the best defenses against cancer and other diseases.

Here are 3 scientifically proven ways to regulate estrogen and boost your immunity: