Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Supplement Checklist

Dr. Oz sheds light on one of the most confusing health issues: What vitamins you should be taking daily. Find out what 4 supplements he takes every day and why you should too.

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If you’ve ever stood paralyzed in the vitamin aisle, facing the alphabet soup of supplements, fear no more. This is Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Supplement Checklist. Learn what to take, why your body needs it and the proper dose.

A Multivitamin
A study of 3 million people revealed that less than 1% of the participants got enough essential vitamins from diet alone. That’s why you  must take a multivitamin; it also helps prevent heart disease, breast cancer and colon cancer.  

The Dose

  • Look for 100% of the daily value of the 12 essential vitamins and minerals – like vitamins B, C, E and zinc. Note: Only women who are menstruating need a multivitamin with iron. If you are post-menopausal or a male, you do not need a multivitamin that contains iron.
  • More is not better – avoid “mega-doses.” You only need 100% daily value, not 500%.  
  • Take half in the morning and half at night to maximize absorption. You use a multivitamin’s various components during the chemical reactions that occur throughout your body. So, maintaining constant levels assures a steady supply of these vital nutrients 

The Calcium Cocktail

Calcium is a necessary supplement for strong, healthy muscles, bones and teeth. You need to take it in combination with magnesium (to prevent the negative side effects of calcium) and vitamin D (to help the body absorb calcium) in order to get the maxium benefit.

The Dose

  • Calcium (600 mg) with magnesium (400 mg) and vitamin D (1,000 IU)
  • Take dose with a full glass of water, 2 hours after eating. Calcium can block the absorption of other supplements and prescriptions, so be sure to take it separately.