An Excerpt from "The Orgasmic Diet"

Author Marrena Lindberg shares an excerpt from her book The Orgasmic Diet that discusses why she designed the diet and how she developed it. Click here to read about the experience of 3 guests of The Dr. Oz Show who are all following Marrena’s 4-week plan. To purchase your copy of The Orgasmic Diet, click here.

Posted on | By Marrena Lindberg

If you're like me, with a busy life filled with raising kids, working hard at a job, and trying to keep your house clean, you probably struggle to find the time and energy for sex -- whether you have a partner or not. And even when you do have time, you might, like millions of other women, have great difficulty feeling sexual desire, having an orgasm, or experiencing any sexual satisfaction at all.

You may think that all you need to fix this absence of passion and pleasure is time: time to get a massage, take a yoga class, be romanced by your sweetheart, or take a long bubble bath. That should do it, you believe, listening to the many voices out there who have you convinced that the key to embracing your sexuality is simply mind over matter. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm not saying female sexuality isn't complicated. We women like to be relaxed, aroused, and seduced -- and sometimes all three. We have many different ways to experience sexual pleasure and can reach orgasm through various means. But the fact remains: if certain biochemical and physical pathways are not working exactly right, no amount of romancing we receive will ever get us to feel desire and achieve orgasm. Indeed a large percentage of women either cannot have an orgasm, have great trouble reaching orgasm, and/or experience little or no libido at all. These women are not unusual; they are actually suffering from female sexual dysfunction (FSD), which is defined as the inability to orgasm or difficulty in doing so, low or nonexistent libido, the loss of sensation and sexual responsiveness, and pain with intercourse. (Pain with intercourse is the only form of FSD not addressed by the Orgasmic Diet; if you are experiencing painful intercourse, it is advisable to see a medical professional.) And according to one recent study, 43 percent of women have some form of FSD; that's 50 million women in the United States -- an astounding number!

The Orgasmic Diet will change all of that.

Article written by Marrena Lindberg