Fat Busters for Your Biggest Problem Areas

Dr. Oz reveals his top fat-burning formulas to help 5 different body types slim down. As a bonus, indulge in 3 guilt-free, fat-burning desserts.

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Do you want to lose your bulging belly? Banish a big butt? Wave goodbye to arms that jiggle? Say so long to fat thighs? Get rid of fat all over?

From This Episode:

Triple Your Fat Loss

For years, many have thought that one type of diet could help everyone maintain a healthy body weight. But that thinking has changed based on the latest research indicating how different body types require special diets to lose weight in targeted areas, such as the arms, belly, thighs or rear end. 

Dr. Oz has gathered all the latest science on body fat to come up with the five best fat busters to help you slim down where you want to most.


1. Fat-burning Formula for Your Belly

More than half of all American women struggle with extra belly fat. One reason why it’s tough to burn fat around your middle is because of stress. Fight-or-flight hormones send the body a message telling it to hold onto excess padding. To burn excess belly fat in just 7 days, try:

  • 1000mg GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) before every meal
  • 1 cup of beans at every meal 

For 1 week, take 1000mg of the supplement GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), an omega-6 fatty acid that sends calming chemicals to the body’s fat cells, signaling them to give up some of their fat stores. 

Also add 1 cup of beans to every meal. Beans are loaded with soluble fiber, which promotes good bacteria in the gut, thus lowering inflammation linked to belly fat. Try adding beans to your diet, three times a day for 7 days. Here are some suggestions:

  • Breakfast: Eat 1 cup of chickpeas or try this Chickpea Muffin Recipe
  • Lunch: Mix 1 cup of black beans into a healthy frozen meal
  • Dinner: Add 1 cup of navy or other beans as a side dish