Fight for a Healthier Child: What You Can Do Today

Are you concerned about your child’s weight and eating habits? Good nutrition and fitness start at home. Learn how to break the vicious cycle of weight gain and make your child’s health a priority.

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Watch Executive Clinical Director for Wellspring Academy, Eliza Kingsford, MA, LPC, explain how to institute simple changes in your home and how to motivate your child to stick with the program.

The fight against obesity is a life-long battle, but it can start today with you. The below steps can help your child break bad habits and begin a healthy lifestyle.

Get Them Moving
Have your child wear a pedometer and get walking. Girls need at least 12,000 steps a day; boys need 15,000 steps a day.  

Make Them Accountable 

Set up a 5-minute daily check-in with your child. Join them every night to record everything they ate during the day and the number of steps they took.

Talk about one good thing that happened to you during the day, and one bad thing. Sharing feelings can help everyone feel supported while working together to solve problems. Set a new goal for the next day, for example, “I will have an apple tomorrow instead of chips.”

Limit Screen Time
For every 2 hours of playtime, your child earns a half-hour of screen-time (TV or computer). Take the TV and computer out of the bedroom. Studies show children with TVs in their room get less exercise, less sleep and have lower GPAs.