The Food Industry’s Dirty Secret Ingredients

By Robyn O’Brien, Author of The Unhealthy Truth Founder of the AllergyKids Foundation and proud mother of four

Posted on | By Robyn O’Brien

Did you know that some fast-food sandwiches can have as many as 50 different ingredients in them? Or that the grill marks on fast-food chicken don’t come from the grill?

Food may look the same as it did when we were kids, but we are quickly learning that due to advances in technology, there are a lot of new ingredients now found in our food supply. 

Some of these ingredients are hugely beneficial, helping us get more vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy. But other ingredients that are added to our fast foods might shock and surprise you.

Food is a lot like fresh-cut flowers: It’s amazing how fast it can shrivel up or shrink. 

Did you know that the simple phrase “natural flavors” could refer to beef extract that can be found in a milkshake? Or that something called propylene glycol, the ingredient found in anti-freeze, can also keep ice cream running smoothly and salads crisp in a fast food restaurant?

Not many of us do. 

The fast-food industry can slip these ingredients into our food to extend its shelf life, make it look fresher and help manage their cooking times and store profitability, but few of us expect to get these things when we place our orders.

But here’s the real question: Should we worry about it? 

Article written by Robyn O’Brien
Author of The Unhealthy TruthFounder of the AllergyKids Foundation and proud mother of four