Food Pharmacy to Fight Cholesterol

By William W. Li, M.D. President and Medical Director, The Angiogenesis Foundation

Posted on | By William W. Li, M.D.


Pistachio are a cholesterol-lowering superfood. It contains a natural antioxidant called lutein that can raise the good cholesterol (HDL) and lower the bad form, called LDL (low density lipoprotein).

Tips: How much is heart-healthy? About 1/3 of a cup each day. That’s about 50 kernels of shelled pistachios. They’re also a great source of fiber in your diet.

Some Heart-Healthy Foods are Also Cancer fighters

Here’s the best news of all: the same natural substances I just mentioned that lower cholesterol – sulforaphanes, vitamin K2, beta-cryptoxanthin and lutein – also protect against cancer!  So, the next time you go to the grocery store, think about stocking your fridge and your pantry with some of these delicious foods that are good and good for you in more ways than one.

At the non-profit Angiogenesis Foundation, we are working to bring this type of practical, lifesaving information to the public through our Eat to Defeat Cancer campaign. To get recipes and more information on foods containing the heart-healthy substances that can also fight cancer, click here.


Article written by William W. Li, M.D.
President and Medical DirectorThe Angiogenesis Foundation