Foods to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving – it’s loaded with perks. Days off from work, time spent with friends and family, and a special meal that only comes once a year. And while it can certainly be a time to overindulge, if enjoyed in moderation and prepared correctly, your Thanksgiving meal can be loaded with valuable nutrients.

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This bird is the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving dinner - and with leftovers, the days that follow. Cook it, carve it, and reap its many nutritional benefits. 

Thankful Food

  • Turkey is loaded with trytophan, a sleep-inducing amino acid. Trytophan affects melatonin, the sleep hormone that regulates and resets your internal clock.
  • Rich in potassium and loaded with zinc
  • Lean turkey breasts fulfill more than half of most individual’s daily protein needs
  • Niacin may help increase your HDL cholesterol, the good kind, while also helping to reduce your LDL cholesterol, the bad kind.
  • An excellent source of of B12, which helps prevent the buildup of homocysteine, an amino acid which may decrease cognitive function

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