Foods That Fight Breast Cancer

By Rachel Beller, MS, RD, Founder of Beller Nutritional Institute

Posted on | By Rachel Beller, MS, RD

Get the recipes that include all these cancer-fighting ingredients!

Nutritional science offers one of the greatest hopes in the fight against breast cancer, and following this science is a critical, proactive role all women can take. The good news is that research has confirmed time and time again that certain foods can be looked at as sources of preventative medicine.  

One of the most powerful tools to preventing breast cancer is what you put in your body. The following are four powerhouse foods and nutrients you need to keep your breasts healthy. As a dietician, I believe in having a game plan that’s realistic and within reach. It’s important to deliver protection in a smart way, all while making sure that it fits into your busy lifestyle.

1. Fiber
Studies continue to confirm the link between eating fiber and a reduction in breast cancer risk. Researchers have found that both soluble and insoluble fiber reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially for women consuming upwards of 30 grams a day. How? Insoluble fiber sticks to free estrogens in the gut, and sweeps them out. In fact, fiber may also ensure that less estrogen is free in the first place. When less estrogen is absorbed, you end up exposed to lower amounts of the hormone, which in turn lowers your risk of breast cancer. Whether you’re trying to shed pounds or fight cancer, you need 35 grams of fiber each day.

Why 35 grams? Evidence from several studies suggests that women who consumed 30 grams of fiber per day had a significant risk reduction (32%) of breast cancer. Compare that to the women who were eating less than 25 grams a day who only had a very minimal risk reduction (2%), and you have a clear case for eating more than 30 grams a day!

Here’s one of my favorite fiber solutions:

Double-Boosted Oatmeal
(285 cal, 12 g Fiber)
1 cup steel cut patmeal (4 g)
1 tbsp white chia seeds (4 g)
Diced apple or berries (4 g)
Cinnamon (to taste)

Top your oatmeal with the Healthy Breast Breakfast Mix. Get the complete recipe here.

Article written by Rachel Beller, MS, RD
Founder of Beller Nutritional Institute