Foods That Help You Snooze

Having trouble falling asleep? There is a surprising way to get more shut eye: change your diet. Learn what foods to eat before bedtime so you can stay sound asleep 'til the sun comes up.

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Food SnoozeTurkey Burger

A turkey burger with spinach on a whole wheat bun is the perfect meal for restful sleep. You can thank the tryptophan in turkey for that. Tryptophan not only affects melatonin, but it also creates serotonin, which helps to stabilize sleep. The iron in spinach is also known to help relieve the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome. For Dr. Oz-approved turkey recipes, click here.

Food SnoozeCheese and Crackers

Cheese and 100% whole grain crackers are your best bedtime-snack bet. The whole grains help produce serotonin. Cheese, like other dairy products, contains tryptophan. Together, they make for a winning combination.

Food SnoozeSunflower Seeds

Relax before bed with a sunflower seed snack. Full of the amino acid tryptophan, sunflower seeds can help you manage stress and will stimulate the chemicals in your brain that get you to doze off. Click here to learn more about the power of seeds.