Half Their Size Success Stories

These weight-loss heroes lost so much weight they dropped half their size. Find out how they did it and steal their tips to slim down at home.

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A Weight-Loss Hero Shares How He Lost 143 Pounds (2:06)

Think losing weight is impossible? The Dr. Oz Show guests featured below prove that weight loss is very real and possible with the right mindset and tenacious dedication. Find out their secrets to success and get more weight-loss tips and guidance in the official Dr. Oz app!


Before: 352 Pounds 

Lost: 200.5 Pounds

Mary's Weight-Loss Tip

Don't deny yourself foods, just modify the foods you crave to fit a healthy lifestyle. Mary's family loves pizza night, so instead of excluding herself from delicious food and family bonding she adapted her pizza. She used Lavash Flatbread Pizza with reduced-fat shredded cheese, and lots of veggies for a low-calorie dinner alternative. 

How She Did It 

Mary knew she wanted to be there for her son and enjoy life with him and the rest of her family. Through much motivation she was able to find her inner fire to work hard and lose the weight without surgery. She held herself accountable and celebrated every pound she lost for increased motivation. 


Before: 315 Pounds 

Lost: 130 Pounds 

Shelly's Weight-Loss Tip 

Your sweet tooth can be your worst enemy when trying to lose weight. You have to make sure to find ways to curb your cravings so you don't wreck your progress. Shelly's personal fix is her Peach Power-Up Shake that uses delicious and nutritious fruit to satisfy her sweet tooth. 

How She Did It 

Shelly made sure that after losing weight she maintained an active and healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off. She loves dancing and became a Zumba instructor as a way to hold herself accountable for exercise (and fun!).



Before: 509 Pounds

Lost: 311 Pounds

Jenny’s Weight-Loss Tip

Focus on portion control and eating high-fiber foods and foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, or MUFAs. You’ll eat less and lose weight but still be satisfied.

How She Did It

Jenny sought support through a structured diet plan. In the beginning, she discarded or donated any unhealthy foods in her house, labeled every food item in her pantry with a black marker, bought scales and measuring spoons, and started limiting the portion sizes of her meals. See her detailed weekly food journal for more inspiration.


Before: 500 Pounds

Lost: 200 Pounds

Charmaine’s Weight-Loss Tip

Make small, realistic food swaps and build on your progress. Instead of eating greasy potato chips every day during lunch, make the switch to baked chips or slice vegetables. Stop reaching for the salt shaker and instead, go for herbs and spices like garlic, pepper, and onions that pack in flavor without the excess sodium.

How She Did It

Charmaine cut back on her meal portions and unhealthy carbohydrates like white bread and French fries in her diet, started taking probiotics to improve her gut health, and started cooking the healthy way, like poaching, instead of frying fish. She also made healthy food swaps like swapping ice cream for yogurt or switching to baked chips instead of fried chips.


Before: 708 Pounds

Lost: 535 Pounds

Christina’s Weight-Loss Tip

Try a low-fat, high-protein diet and reduce your carbohydrate and sugar intake.

How She Did It

Christina lost the first 154 pounds on her low-fat, high-protein diet before her doctor approved her for gastric bypass surgery. After surgery, she continued on her diet, which has helped her regain energy  and maintain her weight loss.