The Health Tests That Could Save Your Life

Are you so busy that you’re ignoring your own health in the process? Dr. Oz reveals 3 simple lifesaving tests that will help you stay on top of your own well-being. We're sorry, the screening giveaway has ended.

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Test #3: Waist Size

Half of men and 70% of women in the United States between the ages of 50 and 79 have waist sizes that indicate obesity. Too much of a waist can lead to heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. That’s because excess abdominal, or omentum, fat pumps out toxic chemicals that not only keep you fat but also cause inflammation that poisons your organs, especially your liver.

To maintain optimal health, your ideal waist size should be less than half your height. For the average 5’ 4” woman, waist size should measure 32 inches or less. The waist of an average 5’ 10” man should measure 35 inches or less. Use a tape measure and wrap it around your natural waist, which is not at your belt but above your hips.

You can also calculate your body mass index. Often referred to as your BMI, your body mass index is a measure of your weight relative to your height. A healthy BMI should fall between 18.4 - 24.9. Use this tool to calculate your BMI.

Stress is a leading contributor to belly fat. Here are some tips to help you stay lean:

Eat Dried Pumpkin Seeds: Rich in healthy fats, dried pumpkin seeds help reduce inflammation in the body. They have a 0 glycemic index, which also prevents packing on excess pounds.

Take White Bean Extract: Often times when you’re stressed out, you reach for carbs that increase weight gain. The supplement white bean extract inhibits the enzyme alpha-amylase, which blocks the absorption of carbs and reduces your chance of developing excess belly fat. You can start out by taking 500mg of white bean extract each day before a big meal and then increase it to twice daily.