Healthy Fast-Food Salad Guidelines

Make sure your fast-food salads are as healthy as you think they are with these simple salad guidelines.

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You may think that you're cutting calories and opting for the healthier option when you order a salad at a fast-food restaurant. But shockingly, many fast-food salads may be packed with fat and can contain even more calories than a cheeseburger and fries! Know to avoid the sneaky calorie traps hiding in your favorite salads with these easy fast-food salad guidelines.

Rule 1: Downsize
Many fast-food restaurants offer half-size salad portions that are still plenty big enough for one meal. If you're looking to halve your calories, just ask!

Rule 2: Swap your meats
Fried meats nearly always have way more calories and fat than grilled meat. Ask if you can swap out your fried chicken topping for a grilled chicken option.

Rule 3: Use the fork method
If you check the nutrition info on the package, you'll be surprised – dressing is often the major source of fat and calories in salads. To make sure you're not overdoing the dressing, try the fork method. Instead of drenching your salad in dressing, dip your fork in a little bit of dressing before each bite and then dive into your salad. Try not to use more than half the package of dressing, or swap it for a package of mustard, which is tasty and has few calories.