Healthy Relationship Tips from Dr. Callahan

Part of a healthy lifestyle is surrounding yourself with those you love - and feeling worthy of respect and affection. Dr. Michelle Callahan provides tips on identifying how you see yourself, others and establishing healthy dating habits.

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What's Your Type?

I've discovered through my research and work with clients, that most women have been mistyped into one or more dating type categories.  Each type is named in a way to help you remember the dating challenges for that type.  I will introduce you to several dating types, some or all of which might describe how you have behaved in your relationships in the past.  You will understand how living out that dating personality affects the type of men you attract or choose, how you handle conflicts in your relationships, and even what you believe or feel about yourself and your relationships.  As you read through these chapters, inevitably you may find yourself in one or more of the types (many of us fall into more than one of these categories).

What are dating types?

Psychologists use the terms "personality types" or "types" to categorize and explain the patterns that we see in people's behaviors, thoughts and feelings in different situations and over time.  Recognizing and acknowledging the different patterns among the types reveals people's motivations and shows us how to best support our clients in making desired changes to their lives.  These types are often the basis for different types of therapy, coaching, interventions and general good advice.  We use types to not only help us better understand our clients, but to help our clients better understand themselves.  When you take a closer look at your life, you will see that you behave consistently, even under various circumstances.

Your dating type represents how you typically behave in dating situations.  It's like your dating personality.  I believe that your dating type describes how you've behaved, but not who you are.  Many women have had experiences that led them to be mistyped as something they are not.  Bad relationships and difficult life experiences lead women to lose sight of their true character and self-worth.  As a result, they react to their circumstances and become mistyped.  The dating types will help you understand what counterproductive dating habits you've developed over time and will show you what to do about it.

The dating types described in this book are influenced by research in cognitive, behavioral and schema therapy, and research on life and relationship coaching.  Psychologists have discovered that some of your habits in dating and in life in general, are a result of early childhood experiences and long-held beliefs about yourself, and the world around you.  When it comes to dating, I am particularly interested in how certain aspects of our personalities, along with our life experiences, begin to shape our thoughts and feelings and cause us to consistently behave a certain way in romantic situations. 

Article written by Dr. Michelle Callahan
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