Heart Attacks and Seizures: Dr. Oz's Lifesaving Tips

The sudden onset of a heart attack or seizure immediately thrusts the victim into a life or death situation. The determining factor is often the type of help administered. When every second counts, do you know what to do? Dr. Oz has the tips you need to keep calm and save lives.

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A heart attack or seizure can often strike without warning. Whether it’s yourself, a loved one or a stranger, do you have the knowledge to help save a life? Get the facts. Get prepared. Dr. Oz has the lifesaving tips you need to know.

Heart Attack Help

Dr. Oz’s Don’t Do not delay calling 911 to take or help administer an aspirin, especially if you are the victim. You could collapse before you get to the phone.


Dr. Oz’s Do Call 911 immediately to ensure that emergency workers equipped with oxygen, medication and a defibrillator are on their way to treat you. Next, take a full-strength aspirin. Heart attacks are caused by a clot or clots that block blood flow to the heart. Aspirin can help stop the clot from growing and causing more damage. Try to stay calm until help arrives.

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