Hungry Girl’s Grab-and-Go Kitchen Essentials

TV host, author and "foodologist" Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien has made a career out of making your favorite dishes with half the fat and fewer calories. See the 5 grab-and-go essentials she swears by, plus discover her must-have kitchen tools to create the meals you love!

Posted on | By Lisa Lillien

Love to eat but hate to diet? It can seem all but impossible to find the time in your busy day to shop, cook and eat right. Streamline your schedule with Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien’s strategies to take the guesswork out of dinner. The best part? Lisa has dedicated her life to finding ways to eat and enjoy healthier versions of her favorite foods, so you and your family will be sure to love her tasty meals.

Get a sneak peek into Lisa’s pantry and see her five secret weapons to save you time, boost the flavor of your meals, and cut calories. Then, as an added bonus, discover her must-have kitchen tools to cook a fast, stress-free, and delicious dinner.

Hungry Girl’s Grab-and-Go Essentials

1. Taco and Ranch Seasoning Mix

When you’re looking to punch up your flavor, a little bit of these packets go a long way. Use the low-sodium varieties of these seasonings to make substitutes in high-calorie dips and dressings.

Taco seasoning isn’t just for Mexican food! This seasoning also makes the perfect addition to breading for faux-fried foods.

Use the ranch seasoning to create a low-calorie version of the creamy dips you love. Just add a bit to reduced-fat Greek yogurt, reduced-fat mayo or reduced-fat sour cream – you’ll have a delicious and guilt-free dip or dressing.

2. Canned Fruits and Veggies

Canned foods can actually be quite nutritious! Just make sure you’re choosing the best options: Pick fruits packaged in their own juices rather than syrups full of added sugar. For veggies, avoid those packed in oil; choose those packed in water instead.

3. Canned Crushed Tomatoes

Fat-free and low in calories and sugar, crushed tomatoes are a Hungry Girl must-have. Use this option instead of marinara sauce or jarred pizza or pasta sauces. No need to spend extra time or money making a homemade sauce, this canned staple will keep things healthy and simple.

Use this essential in Hungry Girl’s Sloppy Jane recipe.

Article written by Lisa Lillien
TV host, author and "foodologist"