Hungry Girl’s Guide to Eating More and Losing Weight

Most diet plans force you to eat less of your favorite foods. TV host, author and "foodologist" Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien shows you how to eat more of the foods you love and still lose weight, the healthy way. Visit to sign up for your free daily emails.

Posted on | By Lisa Lillien

Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, reveals the dieting secrets that allow you to eat twice as much and still shed pounds, simply by swapping out some of the unhealthy ingredients in your favorite meals. Plus, get her recommendations for the best prepared foods you can eat on-the-go.

Secret One: Pasta Expanders

Pasta can be loaded with calories, and rarely leaves you satisfied with after just one serving. The secret to eating more and still shedding calories? Expand your pasta with tasty, nutritious vegetables.

Mega Mac & Cheese

Add 3 cups of frozen cauliflower to your mac and cheese to volumize it. The cauliflower is pre-cooked, meshes well with the macaroni, and soaks up the cheese sauce. Speaking of cheese, sub out the powdered stuff and melt real cheese instead, incorporating some light sour cream for texture and flavor.


Calorie Savings

Traditional Mac and Cheese: 410 calories per serving

Hungry Girl’s: 198 calories per serving

Click here for the complete recipe.

EZ Cheesy Lasagna

Instead of eating two pieces of calorie-packed lasagna to get your fill, add a thick slice of eggplant to every other layer of your homemade lasagna. It’ll leave you feeling totally full after only one serving, without overloading on calories. Be sure to slice the eggplant lengthwise so it will feel just like a noodle, and use whole wheat lasagna noodles. Instead of jarred pasta sauce, that’s loaded with sugar and extra calories, just use a can of crushed tomatoes.

Calorie Savings

Traditional Lasagna: 850 calories per serving

Hungry Girl’s: 250 calories per serving

Click here for the complete recipe.

Article written by Lisa Lillien
TV host, author and "foodologist"