I Had Quintuple Bypass

David Held, a patient of Dr. Oz’s and guest of The Dr. Oz Show, opens up about undergoing a quintuple bypass. Read about the effects it had on his emotional and physical health, his spirit and his family. Keep up with David’s progress by reading his weekly Oz Blog.

Posted on | By David Held

After the initial shock that I had 5 blocked arteries wore off, I knew I had to do something - and do it fast. I made appointments with 2 surgeons to see which one I liked. I met the first one and before I could meet the second, I received a call from a friend that asked if I would like to meet Dr. Oz. I said yes and she said to be in his office Thursday morning.

On my way there, I kept thinking he wouldn't really be there - he's a TV star. At 7:30am on December 10, 2009, I was sitting in the waiting room when the conference room door opened.

Dr. Oz entered and asked if I was David. I said yes - and he sat down next to me, putting his hand on mine. He said, "It will be ok. We will talk after your exam."

A strange feeling of calmness swept over me; I just knew this felt right. After the exam I went into his office and looked at the plaques lining his wall. When he walked in, I said something about his kids and we immediately hit it off.

Article written by David Held