Dr. Oz on Food Myths

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Dr. Oz has gone to great lengths to tell us what happens inside our bodies...now he's going to show us what's happening in his! Hours before an appearance on The Oprah Show, he swallowed an unusual pill--a tiny camera that takes a photo every half-second and transmits the photos back so they can be seen on a monitor.

Traditionally, doctors have been able to check on problems in the digestive tract only if they could check the stomach or do a colonoscopy. "But everything in between, the 20 plus feet of bowel called the small intestine, we've never been able to look at until this came along," Dr. Oz says. "This PillCam gives us incredible views of where the real digestive process happens. The last mystery of the intestinal tract is being uncovered."

Dr. Oz says a half million people have used the pill camera to help understand problems such as celiac disease, Crohn's disease, food allergies and internal bleeding.