Dr. Mercola’s Alternative Health Guide

Dr. Joe Mercola, the controversial alternative medicine guru, claims that there are times when you shouldn’t trust your doctor nor should you take certain medications. Here’s a summary of Dr. Mercola’s most provocative beliefs on health and wellness, along with Dr. Oz’s take on them.

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Internet trailblazer Dr. Joe Mercola is one of the most controversial figures in the world of alternative medicine and has millions of online followers. However, the government and the mainstream medical establishment see many of his unconventional views as misleading and possibly even damaging to your health. 

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A strong proponent of alternative medicine, supplements and holistic treatments, Dr. Mercola has been called a charlatan by pharmaceutical companies and traditional practitioners. First off, Dr. Mercola believes that the mainstream medical community is too apt to put patients on prescription drugs, which relieve symptoms but often don’t address the underlying causes of disease. Recently, Dr. Mercola has expanded his mission from providing provocative information to openly advocating his health-care beliefs and going up against what he sees as powerful corporate interests controlling the health-care industry.

Dr. Oz disagrees with many of Dr. Mercola’s remedies and treatments though he does appreciate how Mercola pushes physicians to think differently about medicine. To help you better understand the controversial medical issues raised by Mercola, here’s a rundown of some of his primary beliefs, as well as Dr. Oz's bottom line. 

Dr. Joe Mercola’s 3 Key Areas Where You Can’t Trust Your Doctor

1. Best Sources of Vitamin D

Dr. Mercola was one of the earliest champions of the importance of vitamin D, which most doctors now recognize as important to overall health. First, Dr. Mercola feels you need to have your vitamin D level tested; he recommends it should be somewhere between 60 and 80 nanograms per milliliter. However, most doctors think this level is too high. As an alternative to getting tested by your doctor, Dr. Mercola recommends sending away for a self-test kit online.

Dr. Mercola believes that the best way to get vitamin D and other important compounds is through direct sun exposure – about10 minutes a day. He claims that many doctors mislead you to think that the sun is always bad for you, and that you must always wear sunscreen. 

“Safe” Tanning Bed

Dr. Mercola’s most controversial recommendation for getting vitamin D involves using a tanning bed during cold winter months, or simply whenever you can’t get enough sunshine. This is not recommended for tanning but rather to support health, and should be used for no more than 15 minutes with no applied sunscreen. This is a highly controversial suggestion since the World Health Organization has recommended that no one ever use a tanning bed, labeling the devices as carcinogenic.

Article written by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Alternative health guru