Lower Your Numbers Naturally

Making small adjustments to your diet with simple food replacements can offer big rewards when it comes to your health. See what you can do to bring down your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood-sugar levels without medicine. Click here for the 5 lifesaving numbers you need to know.

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Lower Your Blood Sugar

Testing your fasting blood sugar (FBS) measures your risk for diabetes, a chronic disease that can lead to blindness, cardiac disease, kidney failure, nerve problems and an impaired immune system. A fasting blood sugar number above 100 is considered pre-diabetic; treatment measures should be discussed with a physician. Diet can improve your blood sugar. Try these food substitutions.

Culprit: Sugar

Food Substitution: Stevia

One teaspoon of sugar is equal to a 4-gram serving. Try stevia, a natural sweetener; it is 15 times sweeter than sugar, but does not cause a sugar spike (and crash). Because it is so sweet, you’re likely to use half as much.

Culprit: Jar of Tomato Sauce

Food Substitution: Canned Whole Tomatoes

Do a little extra work to avoid a hidden dose of sugar found in most prepared tomato sauces, up to 14 grams per cup. Instead, crush canned whole tomatoes to make your own sauce; one cup contains 6 grams of sugar.  

Culprit: Barbeque Sauce

Food Substitution: Malt Vinegar

Barbeque sauce and other condiments like ketchup are notoriously high in sugar. Only 2 tablespoons of barbeque sauce contains 22 grams of sugar. To get the same tangy flavor and 0 grams of sugar, try malt vinegar.