The Medicine Hunter’s Longevity Secrets

Could Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham’s garden of youth contain the anti-aging answer you’ve been waiting for?

Posted on | By Chris Kilham

The secret to treating illness, feeling younger and living longer may be growing in your backyard. That’s the mantra of Chris Kilham, the Medicine Hunter, an ethnobotanist who’s scoured the world to find the safest and most effective natural remedies.

When it comes to feeling better or looking younger, most Americans turn to their medicine cabinets. But an unhealthy reliance on medication can cause harmful side effects and even trigger dangerous metabolic conditions. That’s why Chris Kilham looks to natural solutions. He believes that for almost every health condition you face, nature offers a safe and effective remedy. 

Below, Kilham reveals his favorite healing plants, rules for longevity, and anti-aging secrets. Take a page from Mother Nature’s book and try these tips today!

Garden of Youth 

Learn about the top three plants to fight disease and boost immunity. 

1. Dandelions

They’re more than just a weed in your flowerbed! The dandelion’s bitter greens work to detoxify the liver. This powerful healer also fights inflammation and other bacteria, viruses and parasites.

To enjoy the detoxifying benefits, eat the dandelion’s roots and greens. Add them to a salad or stir-fry them for a side dish. If you have a chemically treated lawn, avoid eating the plants and instead pick up some dandelion root tea from your local supermarket or health store.

Although natural, Dr. Oz maintains that anything strong enough to help you could also harm you – speak to your doctor, especially if you’re pregnant or lactating, to determine if this remedy is right for you.

Article written by Chris Kilham
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