Multiple Miscarriages

By Dr. Anitha Nair

Posted on | By Dr. Anitha Nair

One of the most difficult things a couple can face after longing for a child is a pregnancy loss. 

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How Common Is Miscarriage?

It is believed that up to 1 in 4 pregnancies will result in a miscarriage. This number can be jarring for many, not understanding just how common miscarriage can be.

What is less commonly seen is recurrent pregnancy loss, or multiple miscarriages. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), only about 5% of couples will have two miscarriages, and only about 1% will experience three or more miscarriages.

Recurrent pregnancy loss, defined as two or more miscarriages, can be very mentally and physically draining to patients as they try to build a family.

What Are Risk Factors for Miscarriage?

The risk of miscarriage increases with increasing age, especially in women over the age of 35.  Certain medical conditions may predispose patients to pregnancy loss. Smoking, caffeine, and alcohol can also increase your risk of miscarriage.

What Are Some of the Known Causes for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?


Percentage of Abnormalities

Embryonic Genetic Abnormalities


Uterine Malformations


Hormone Problems


Autoimmune abnormalities


Thrombophilic (Blood Clotting)  Disorders


Luteal Phase Defect


Genetic Abnormalities (parental)




Article written by Dr. Anitha Nair