Dr. Oz School Challenge: Cheat Sheet

Dr. Oz and his HealthCorps team helped a group of students from Brooklyn, New York’s New Utrecht High School adopt healthy eating and fitness habits that allowed them to drop weight and trim their waistlines. How did they do it? Let this crib sheet be your guide. While this program was designed for teens, adults can benefit, too.

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Get Started: The Oz School Challenge 4-Step Plan

  1. Exercise: Incorporate 30 minutes of physical activity into your day.
  2. Take the Breakfast Oath: Feed your brain! Students who don't eat breakfast suffer from a 20% drop in performance.
  3. Make Better Choices at Lunch and Don't Skip Meals: Remember to choose wisely. Cut down on fat and pile on quality vegetables.
  4. The Snack Swap: Drop the candy and junk food. Have fruit instead. Plan ahead and pack healthy snacks to eat throughout the day.

Fuel Your Body: Oz-Approved After-School Snacks

These after-school snacks aren't just for kids, they're perfect for anyone trying to lose weight. These smart snack choices will give you extra energy to get through the day and come with added benefits: post-sports replenishment, brain-boosting power and immunity-saving nutrition.