Dr. Oz School Challenge: Cheat Sheet

Dr. Oz and his HealthCorps team helped a group of students from Brooklyn, New York’s New Utrecht High School adopt healthy eating and fitness habits that allowed them to drop weight and trim their waistlines. How did they do it? Let this crib sheet be your guide. While this program was designed for teens, adults can benefit, too.

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Almost-Free Fitness: Work Out for 99 Cents or Less!

Exercise 1: Belly Buster

You'll need a soccer ball-sized rubber ball; the cost is 99 cents. Lay down on the ground with the small of your back on floor; keep your upper back in a lifted sit-up position. Hold the ball in front of your chest, elbows bent. Bring the ball to one side, then the other. At the same time, bring the opposite knee up. Continue to switch sides. This is great for both cardio and strengthening the core muscles.


Exercise 2: Leap Frogs

This workout will cost you nothing - all you need is a pillow and a few feet of space. Place a pillow on the floor. Hop over it, lifting both knees. Continue by jump from one side to the other. You'll get your heart rate going in no time.

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