The Plan to Increase Your Energy

Stop relying on caffeine to get through your day. This plan will perk you up the natural way.

Posted on | By Dr. Tieraona Low Dog
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How to Energize Without Caffeine (2:07)

Not everyone has a problem with caffeine, and most of the research actually shows that modest amounts can be good for us. But in some cases, people can easily develop a caffeine addiction. If you need an energy drink or coffee within one hour of waking, plan your day around when you’ll have your next caffeine boost and believe that you cannot “function” without them, you could be too dependent on caffeine. And it’s not easy to come off of that dependency. Classic caffeine withdrawal symptoms such as headache, shaking and irritability make it difficult to stick with cutting caffeine out of your diet. Here’s how to quit caffeine and get energy in natural ways instead .

Step 1: Wean Down

Going off caffeine cold turkey can be very difficult, especially when one is consuming so much. Try weaning off instead to avoid the withdrawal symptoms (headache, fatigue, irritability, difficulty focusing). This approach takes more time but is more likely to be successful.

Replace the caffeine habit with a healthier alternative both during and after your weaning program. You’ll need to plan for what to do when you are feeling tired and are craving energy drinks or other caffeine. Make it harder to get them – don’t keep them in your usual places. Keep your caffeine sources on the kitchen counter and keep only what you need for the weaning protocol. The rest should be opened up and drained down the sink. Tell your friends and family what you are doing, you’ll need their support it is always easier to make changes when you are part of a team.

Weaning Protocol:

Monday and Tuesday: 4 cans/servings of energy drinks or caffeine (or whatever your regular amount is, decreasing by one serving every two days).

Wednesday and Thursday: 3 cans/servings of energy drinks or caffeine.

Friday and Saturday: 2 cans/servings of energy drinks or caffeine.

Sunday and Monday: 1 can/serving of energy drink or caffeine.

Tuesday: No more energy drinks or caffeine.

Put this protocol on the refrigerator. Only have out what is available for the day.

Article written by Dr. Tieraona Low Dog
author of "Healthy at Home"