The Plan to Level Out Your Mood Swings

Do you go from happy to sad to angry in an instant? Try this plan to get control of your mood swings and balance your body.

Posted on | By Dr. Mike Dow

Want to find out if your moodiness is a sign of an imbalance? Take this quiz: 

1. Do your mood swings correlate to your appetite levels?

2. Are you frequently changing or canceling plans due to moodiness or sleepiness?

3. Do you find yourself turning to more and more caffeine to get through the day?

4. Do some days seem harder than others for no reason at all?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may benefit from the following strategies to level out mood swings.

Step #1: The Carb Swap

Many people on no-carb or low-carb diets become moody and irritable. Since carbohydrates release feel-good serotonin, a no-carb diet can reduce serotonin levels. However, too many bad carbs can also lead to mood swings. Eating enough good carbs helps prevent sugar spikes and crashes because they leave your stomach very slowly, delivering serotonin in a slow, controlled way. If you’re on a no-carb diet, consider adding some good carbs to your daily diet. If you’re eating bad carbs like white bread, pasta, chips, cookies, bread and soda, swap them for good carbs like beans, quinoa and whole fruits like berries and apples.

Step #2: The Drink Swap

Many people can relate to the following scenario: You don’t get enough sleep, and so you drink some caffeine to get through your day. Of course, then you have even more trouble sleeping, and you need even more caffeine. This downward spiral continues leaving you completely dependent on too much caffeine, which causes problems in both energy, mood and sleep patterns. The solution? Remove energy drinks, soda and coffee and swap them for white, green and black tea. These forms of tea contain L-theanine, which helps to provide a sense of calm while helping you concentrate. Since tea has less caffeine than coffee and energy drinks (green tea having just a third and white tea having close to none), it will also help to level your moods since you won't be on a roller coaster of up and down energy levels.

Article written by Dr. Mike Dow