The Power of Flowers for Your Skin

In addition to smelling and looking beautiful, flowers have been used for centuries thanks to their healing powers. Take a note from history and learn how flowers can help you find younger and healthier looking skin.

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Many flower blossoms have medicinal properties. Learn what to look for in your beauty products and get a natural prescription from Mother Nature.


Flower PowerLavender for Healing Dry Skin

Your skin’s sebaceous glands are responsible for producing oil. As you age, they produce less of it and your skin becomes drier. Studies show that lavender oil hydrates and improves dry or scaly skin.


Look for lavender oil in moisturizing creams for your eyes, face and body.


Flower PowerEchinacea for Treating Blemishes
This flowering plant kills bacteria and reduces swelling. Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans used echinacea to treat skin wounds and infections.

Look for echinacea in facial soaps, masks and toners.