Pregnancy Myths Exposed

Do genes determine everything? Can you really eat for two? Find out the truth behind the tales and what you can do to have a healthy baby.

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Myth #3 Sexual Positions Can Determine the Sex of Your Baby

What we know While it is true that female sperm tend to swim slower and live longer and male sperm are more vigorous but short-lived, there's no proven way to have sex that will produce a boy or a girl.

What you can do OBs generally agree that the one position that may help you conceive is the one you get into after sex - elevating the pelvis for 30 minutes to allow gravity to help deposit a lot of sperm as close to the uterus as possible.

Myth #4: You Can Tell the Sex of Your Baby by the Shape of Your Belly

What we know How a woman carries a developing fetus is actually influenced by the tone in her abdominal wall and uterus, the position the fetus is in, as well as her natural frame. Women who have a lot of space between the lowest rib and the top of the pelvic bone will carry differently than women who have a short space. 

What you can do Explain this kindly to the stranger on the bus who adamantly declares you are having a boy when you have the ultrasound snaps to prove it's a girl.