Dr. Oz’s Prevention Power Pack

Dr. Oz’s Prevention Power Pack contains everything you need to help reverse the aging process. What you do today may help you outsmart the deadly diseases you fear most and save thousands in medical expenses.

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Prevention Powerhouse #4

Herb Grinder = Less Bone Loss

Calcium is important for bone health. But according to new studies, the salt we eat can a cause our body to lose calcium. Most of us eat twice as much salt as we really need. One study has shown that 1000 extra milligrams of salt a day results in 1% bone loss every year for women.

Invest in an herb grinder and grind dry or fresh herbs to create a tasty salt substitute. When buying dry herbs, just make sure there’s no added salt in the mixture. Herbs are a great way to replace the flavor of salt while also protecting your bones. You’ll also decrease your blood pressure and your risk of stroke and heart disease.

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Prevention Powerhouse #5

Sweet Potatoes = Cancer Prevention

According to the experts, eating 1 cup of sweet potatoes a week could reduce your risk of lung, skin and prostrate cancers. Sweet potatoes contain lutein and carotenoids, molecules shown to starve cancer cells. Sweet potatoes are also loaded with alpha carotene. In studies, people with the highest levels of alpha carotene had almost a 40% decrease in risk of death. To achieve maximum health results, eat 1 cup of sweet potatoes a day.

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