Putting an End to Arsenic in Our Food Supply

By Patty Lovera Assistant Director of Food & Water Watch

Posted on | By Patty Lovera

Read Labels – Know what’s in the food you’re buying and where it came from. Try to purchase food grown and processed in the US. Check out Food & Water Watch’s interactive tool The Global Grocer that tells you which fruits and vegetables are imported most and from where.

Go Organic – The US Department of Agriculture’s organic certification program requires that all certified organic food be produced under strict standards for how the food is grown, handled and processed. The organic standards do not allow the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, or feeding arsenic to chickens

Get Educated – In January 2011, President Obama signed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act into law. This legislation is the first major overhaul of the FDA’s food safety responsibilities since 1938. But it is in danger of not being funded appropriately by Congress. To learn more about the law, click here.

Get Involved – Tell your lawmakers at home and in Washington to make public health and safety a priority by strengthening food safety programs and enforcing them. You can take action on the Food & Water Watch website.

Article written by Patty Lovera
Assistant Director of Food & Water Watch