Quick Fixes to Prevent the Diseases You Fear Most

Dr. Oz reveals his quick fixes for the diseases you fear most: diabetes, cancer, heart attack and stroke.

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It’s never been easier than now to save your own life. These simple, revolutionary steps serve as quick fixes to arm your body against the diseases you fear most: diabetes, cancer, heart attack and stroke.

1. Quick Fix for Diabetes: Fiber and Vinegar Cocktail

Approximately 26 million Americans are living with diabetes. The key to preventing this chronic disease is to keep blood sugar balanced. Avoid the rollercoaster ride of blood sugar highs and lows with Dr. Oz’s Anti-Diabetes Drink:


Fiber and Vinegar Cocktail

8 oz water

4 tsp of white or red wine vinegar

1 tsp psyllium husk fiber, such as Metamucil

Both the vinegar and fiber in the drink will help slow the absorption of sugar. Plus the vinegar works as an appetite suppressant, while the fiber will help you feel full. You’ll stave off hunger, which will help prevent weight gain; obesity is often tied to diabetes. Drink this cocktail every day before dinner to prevent sugar spikes and crashes.

2. Quick Fix for Cancer: Grape Seed Extract

Fight back against the second leading cause of death: cancer. Full of antioxidants, grape seed extract helps protect your cells from free radicals, which can damage cells. Lab studies have also shown that grape seed extract may help prevent breast and colon cancer. Click here to learn more about other cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Women over 40 can take 200mg of grape seed extract daily, available online or in health food stores for about $10.