Secrets Your Handwriting Holds About Your Health

Try this short exercise to learn what your handwriting reveals about your health!
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Posted on | By Kathi McKnight

The ancient science of handwriting analysis (graphology) has been around since the days of Aristotle. While most people associate it with check forgeries or “whodunit” CSI television programs, you might be surprised to discover what gets revealed as you learn to read between the lines. The insights go much deeper.

Think about it. Most people learned how to write almost exactly the same and yet no two people write alike. Ever. That is because handwriting is brain-writing. Everything begins with a thought. That translates into a nerve impulse which travels down your neck, arm, hand and fingers holding the pen, which then splashes the ink onto your paper.

It matters little what you write, it’s how you write that matters most in handwriting analysis.

A skilled graphologist will look at the size, pressure, t crossings, i dots; if the writing is rounded over more angular; legible/illegible; or if the writer combines printing and cursive. We look at a myriad of factors, then we stack it all together to glean uncannily accurate insights into the person behind the pen.

Handwriting can reveal how healthy one is or isn’t in their body and mind.

We all have good and “un-good” in our handwriting. Every stroke has a right to be there. Decide whether or not what it represents is serving you in your life. If it is not you can change your writing slightly, specifically and strategically to help create a change in your brain. This can prompt a change in your body and health. In other words, you can change your writing to change your life.

Article written by Kathi McKnight