Secrets Your Handwriting Holds About Your Health

Try this short exercise to learn what your handwriting reveals about your health!
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Posted on | By Kathi McKnight

Let’s glimpse into the letter L. Take a piece of paper and write little lucy loves lilacs. For this short exercise please write it in cursive, all small cased letters. 

Watch for 3 things:


1. Are your L’s open?

You have hopes and dreams and the ability to visualize things before they manifest: a delightful find! The L’s, among other specific upper zone strokes, are the container for abstract ideas and thoughts. An open looped L is one indicator in handwriting that reveals a writer who is open to the positive possibilities in life.

Closed L

2. Are your L’s closed?

Attitude affects health. Are you dwelling on things that bring you down? This writer tends to confine their thinking to the “stark realities” in life. I call this “stinkin-thinkin” and advise my clients, “don’t believe everything you think.” Note: these L’s may temporarily show up if the writer recently experienced a shock, trauma or set back. It is one of many stress indicators that handwriting can reveal.

Heart Disease

3. Are your L’s notched?

Do they have a gap or a line jutting inward from the loop? If only one of the above L’s shows up only one time in a few pages of handwriting, pay attention. It is a rare stroke that could indicate heart impairment. The heart pumps blood right down to the fingertips. An interruption in blood flow, a weak or irregular heartbeat could affect the flow of writing. It may cause the pen to create a little notch or gap in this part of your handwriting. Forewarned is forearmed. Seeing this gives you the opportunity to take proactive steps.

Article written by Kathi McKnight