Shopping for the Cancer Cure

By William W. Li, M.D. President and Medical Director The Angiogenesis Foundation

Posted on | By William W. Li, M.D.

Every week when you shop at the grocery store, you have important choices to make: What are you going to be putting in your body? While taste, calories, and cost are important considerations, here’s another question you should ask: Are the foods you choose cancer fighters?

There are cancer-fighting foods at your grocery store that contain natural substances that work by cutting off the blood supply feeding cancer cells. Without a blood supply, cancers can’t grow. This is called anti-angiogenesis (angiogenesis is the term for the process our bodies use to grow its blood vessels).Tumors can try to hijack our blood vessels, but we can outsmart cancers and beat them to the punch by keeping this from happening. 

Let’s walk the main sections of the store, and identify some of the most powerful foods.

The Produce Section

Everyone knows that leafy greens are good for you. And arugula is one of the better choices for health. It contains two cancer fighters called kaempferol and quercetin. Researchers have shown that diets containing arugula can reduce the risk of lung cancer. Arugula is great to use in a salad, or even mixed into hot pasta coming off the boil. You can also arrange it as a bed of tasty greens on which to put other cooked or raw foods. t’s beautiful and healthy.

Tip: Look for baby arugula.  The young leaves are sweet and nutty tasting. When the plant gets bigger, the leaves can have a slightly bitter taste.

Fresh fruits are an obvious healthy choice, but did you know that bananas contain cancer fighters? They are called catechins and delphinidin, and studies have shown diets rich in bananas and other fruits can reduce the risk of breast cancer. 

Tip:  Have half a banana a day with breakfast. It’s an easy way to sneak a cancer fighter into your diet, right at the start of each day.

Article written by William W. Li, M.D.
President and Medical DirectorThe Angiogenesis Foundation