Simple Detox Solutions for Your Busy Life

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Detox Tip #4: Take a Bladder Wrack Bath

Detoxing your body and mind means not only clearing out physical toxins but the emotional ones too –and this bath does double-detox duty.

The key ingredient is bladder wrack, a kind of seaweed used medicinally for centuries, that expands in water and is said to draw toxins from the body. It’s filled with minerals and iodine, which help to stimulate the thyroid gland and boost metabolic function. (Talk to your doctor first if you have thyroid problems.)

Try It: Draw a detox bath.

Put a handful of the bladder wrack, in loose herb form (which you can find online or in specialty health food stores) in a cheesecloth pouch and toss into your bathwater. It’s like a human-sized teabag! Let it soak for a few minutes and then go ahead and steep yourself in it for as long as you’d normally bathe. And relax!

Note: Don’t worry if the water turns brown. That’s just the natural color and minerals of the seaweed infusing the water.

Detox for Life!

People who swear by detoxes claim that they make them feel energized and renewed. Try these simple practices and you could feel great the first day or week – but the real rewards come when you make them part of your daily life. 

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