Solutions to Supercharge Your Energy Type

If you constantly feel exhausted, run-down, and like you just can’t get yourself going, it’s time to supercharge your energy. Dr. Oz lets you in on his secrets that will rewrite the rules on how you can get your energy back so you can feel better than ever.

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More and more we find ourselves drained, on edge, and with some extra pounds we could do without. But now, you can break your energy slump thanks to a revelatory new concept that says we each have an energy type, or “E-type,” based on where you put on your weight. Here, Dr. Oz reveals how to identify your E-type, allowing you to boost your health and get your energy back for good, followed by the energy boosters that can change your life.

E-Type 1: Reactive

If you find yourself overly responsive to stress, constantly on edge, and with a tendency to carry extra weight on your upper back, chest, and arms, you are the “reactive” energy-type. The Reactive E-type is primarily the result of an imbalance in the stress hormone cortisol, which is made worse with a high-glycemic (high sugar) diet. The combination of blood sugar surges from your diet and too much cortisol inflame your body at a cellular level, leaving you feeling emotionally and physically drained.

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To supercharge your energy, you need to curb your cortisol levels so you’re not being drained by so much stress. Start by replacing sugary foods with high-fiber foods like beans, greens and whole grains. You’ll prevent blood sugar spikes and the accompanying energy crash. Follow that up by being sure to black out your bedroom at night. Light at night can contribute to poor sleep, increasing your cortisol levels. Simply closing the curtains isn’t enough – be sure to turn off  the lights on alarm clocks, DVD players, cell phones, and anything else that might interrupt the darkness we need for that deep, cortisol-curbing sleep. Lastly, try adding an adaptogen to your routine. Adaptogens are compounds extracted from herbs that allow your body to resist stress and regulate cortisol. Try taking 1000 mg a day of astragalus, an adaptogen derived from an Asian root, available in health stores.

E-Type 2: Fluctuating

If your period seems unpredictable, you feel tired at random times, and you carry your weight from the waist down, you are the “fluctuating” energy-type. In both men and women, the body maintains a balance of the hormones estrogen and progesterone; a variety of causes, however, can cause an excess of estrogen over progesterone, leading to the fluctuating E-type and its energy drain.

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