Solutions to Supercharge Your Energy Type

If you constantly feel exhausted, run-down, and like you just can’t get yourself going, it’s time to supercharge your energy. Dr. Oz lets you in on his secrets that will rewrite the rules on how you can get your energy back so you can feel better than ever.

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Energy Solution 2: Ginseng coffee marinade

Give your morning coffee an extra jolt with ginseng. Simply add 30 drops of Siberian ginseng extract to a half-cup of water, then soak a coffee filter in the solution overnight. By brewing your coffee through the filter, you’ll infuse your cup of joe with ginseng, which has been shown to help the body respond better to stress.

Energy Solution 3: Nut Soak

We all know nuts are a terrific source of protein, but you may not have known you can’t unlock all the energy you want from nuts because they’re covered in phytates. Phytates are an indigestible plant compound that inhibits our enzymes from digesting nuts fully. By soaking the nuts in purified water overnight, you’ll wash away phytates and make the nuts easily digestible, including the key nutrients you need to boost your energy.

Energy Solution 4: Frankincense Pillow Puff

If a poor night’s sleep is sapping your energy, add frankincense to your sleep routine. Frankincense, a tree resin available as an extract, contains potent anti-anxiety properties. Add 30 drops of the extract into a handful of cotton balls and scatter them in your pillowcase. The pillowcase acts as a natural filter to subdue the scent, while you reap the benefits of frankincense’s relaxing and restorative properties while you sleep, so you can wake up recharged and ready to face the day.