Stop Anger From Destroying Your Health

By Dr. Charles Sophy, Clinical psychiatristTake this quiz to determine if your temper needs to be tamed to protect your health.

Posted on | By Dr. Charles Sophy

Do you ever lose your temper? Get so mad you want to scream? Have you ever had the urge to strangle someone when they did something that really annoyed you? Well those feelings are coming from an emotion called anger and I assure you, they are very normal.

Anger is a healthy emotional response that every human experiences. Like other emotions, it must be dealt with in a healthy way, both physically and psychologically. If handled improperly, it can lead to myriad problems that affect all aspects of our lives: heart attacks, strokes, sleep disturbances, mood issues, and anxiety (maybe even legal problems), just to name a few.

The two most common forms of unhealthy anger are internalized anger and externalized anger. Internalized anger is anger that is bottled up and not expressed. Externalized anger is anger that is expressed in a disrespectful, aggressive, and sometimes even dangerous manner.

When should you be worried about anger? When it begins to interfere with your ability to function normally or with your relationships. Think of the acronym SWEEP:




Expressing Emotions


If any of these things are suffering because of your anger, you’ve got to get it under control.

Article written by Dr. Charles Sophy
Clinical psychiatrist