Summer's Worst Offender: Food Poisoning

Dr. Oz conducts a crime scene investigation on 3 nasty food-borne illnesses. Learn how to recognize the varied symptoms of these sometimes deadly offenders and arm yourself against them with essential food safety tips.

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Everyone dreads getting shot down by a nasty bout of food poisoning. And during hot summer months, incidences of food-borne illnesses soar. The scene of the crime is usually outdoors since bacteria grows fastest at temperatures above 90 degrees. Plus picnic and barbecue sites usually lack kitchen safeguards like refrigeration, temperature-controlled cooking and a place to wash up.

In the US food poisoning leads to the hospitalization of 300,000 and kills 5,000 annually. In most cases, the victim suffers only mild discomfort, but sometimes an infection can become life-threatening. The biggest challenge is identifying which bacteria is the culprit; knowing exactly how and when you contracted food poisoning can make all the difference in recovery and could even save your life.

Dr. Oz has conducted CSI’s on 3 major food-borne illnesses. Here are the forensics you need to identify these major types of food poisoning, followed by essential food safety tips.