Tips for Healthy Eyes

Your eyes are your windows to the world. Here are simple ways to keep them healthy throughout your lifetime.

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Computer Smarts

  • Set your computer on a low table or use a portable computer so your eyes look down when you work. This keeps the eyelid opening smaller, which reduces your chance of developing the condition dry eye.  
  • Change your computer’s flicker rate to 70 or above to also help reduce irritation.
  • To rest your eyes, look up from the screen every 20 minutes or so and stare 20 feet ahead for 20 seconds.
  • If you sit at the computer all day, take a 10-minute break every 2 hours and go for a walk.

Physical Exercise = Good for the Eyes
Stay in shape. Being overweight increases your chance of developing diabetic eye disease or glaucoma. Thirty minutes of physical exercise not only benefits your heart and waist size but also can reduce eye pressure by 20%. Deep breathing also helps reduce eye pressure by draining the lymphatic system. Click here to try a fitness routine from Dr. Oz’s trainer, Joel Harper.

Get Your Omega-3s
The health-packed fatty acids known as Omega-3s, are not only good for the heart but help protect vision.  For women the daily dose is 100 mg; for men 600 mg. Click here to learn more about omega-3 fatty acids.