Tony Horton’s 3-Step Diet Plan

Creator of P90X Tony Horton is a fitness superstar whose workouts are trusted by everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Michelle Obama. Now he’s sharing his secrets with you. See the food rules and workout to make today Day 1 of a new, healthier you!

Posted on | By Tony Horton

Tony Horton is all about long-term goals and long-term results. That’s why his plan focuses not just on looking better – but on overall well-being. His strategy is twofold: Begin a sustainable fitness routine and practice a simple food plan. Together these elements create a lasting lifestyle change.

The key component of this breakthrough plan is the "90-10 Rule," a critical diet guideline. The rule dictates that 90% of the time, you stick to healthy food. Select options that Tony refers to as “clean” foods – items with no preservatives, additives, or chemicals in the ingredients. Your body will thank you for eating natural, fresh items like leafy greens, veggies, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats and oils. The other 10% of the time, you get to cheat! Consider it a reward for your healthy choices. On Tony’s plan, you no longer have to feel guilty for indulging – you can celebrate your good behavior.


Under the plan, you should eat 5 small meals a day, but you can have as few as 3 meals if you snack between them. You don’t need to count every calorie you put in your mouth, but be conscious of your portion sizes. Mastering the diet isn’t as difficult as it sounds – in fact, Tony broke down the plan into three simple rules. No matter what your level of culinary expertise, you can make smart, healthy and delicious choices using these food guidelines:

1. Choose Foods With Only 1 Ingredient

Whole, natural foods are crucial staples in any healthy diet. Unfortunately, much of what we buy is often crammed with unnatural additives and preservatives. Avoid these diet saboteurs by reading food labels to ensure you’re choosing options with only one ingredient. For example, if you grab a pack of frozen peas, check the label to ensure the ingredients read simply as “peas." Any additional ingredient is superfluous. These “clean” foods are a huge weapon in the battle to reshape your body.

Article written by Tony Horton
Creator of P90X