Your Wardrobe for Weight Loss: 5 Must-Haves

Transform your wardrobe into a weight-loss weapon. By dressing fashion- and health-smart, you’ll be able to monitor – and maintain – your weight without obsessing over the numbers on the scale.

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When it comes to gauging weight loss, most people look strictly to the scale to measure their success. Sometimes, it’s not only about pounds, but the inches you lose and the way your clothes feel and fit. Fashion industry expert Suze Yalof Schwartz shares the top 5 clothing items that tell all about the state of your weight.

Must-Have #1: A Belt


You may find yourself adjusting your belt after a big meal, but how many notches are you losing each year? Be vigilant of your waistline and use your belt to keep your tummy in top shape.

Mark the inside of your belt with your current measurements. Next, mark it with where you want to be once you lose some weight, and where you should never be if you were to gain. If the belt doesn’t fit, then you have gained weight. Being more mindful of where you cinch your belt will help you make healthier food and exercise choices and keep dangerous omentum fat, which increases your risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes, from building up around your midsection.


Must-Have #2: Non-Stretch Jeans

Pants that “give a little” also give you a lot more wiggle room in your diet and a greater opportunity to pack on the pounds. Many women think that if their jeans fit, they’re doing fine – but this is a huge misconception. Jeans that have some stretch in them can still fit even after a 10-15 pound weight gain. Instead, opt for jeans with no stretch and they’ll keep you true to your healthiest weight.