What to Eat When the Scale Is Stuck

Give your metabolism a makeover with this plan that will fuel your body while torching fat.

Posted on | By Haylie Pomroy
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How Karina Reset Her Hormones to Lose Weight (2:09)

Your body is a beautifully complex laboratory of biochemical reactions, and all it takes to get you stuck is for one little thing to go wrong. Maybe it’s inflammation and water retention? Maybe it’s a digestive problem? Maybe it’s your hormones?

In my world, food is medicine. My specialty is healing and sculpting bodies using food. You might be familiar with my book, The Fast Metabolism Diet? It is a total rehab for your metabolism. But my new book, The Burn, is laser-focused on your weight-loss plateaus and chronic health woes or those reasons why your scale gets stuck.

Focus on the Why, Not the Weight Loss

The Burn offers three nutrition plans that are designed to push your body to blaze through the barriers that are preventing it from dropping pounds by targeting the three common causes for most scales getting stuck and other health issues. Those three common problem areas are:

  • Inflammation
  • Digestive dysfunction
  • Hormonal imbalance 


Do you:

  • Have puffy bags and/or dark circles under your eyes?
  • Have trouble getting rings off at the end of the day?
  • Have fat accumulating around your lower back and hanging over your pants?
  • Feel dehydrated, even though you keep drinking water?

When there’s inflammation in the body you are holding on to excess fluid–water and lymph. There’s a slowdown in the natural systems of elimination. This causes a rise in acidity in the body and excess subcutaneous fat or cellulite accumulation because the body is trying to find places to store the toxins that are building up.  

Fixing the Why: Try the I-Burn

The I-Burn is a three-day plan that targets your body’s reaction to food by nourishing and restoring the organs and systems that manage toxin removal: your kidneys, lymphatic system and bladder. This is a high-speed toxin purge that is designed to reduce edema and scavenge cellulite. The result will be fast, effective weight loss of up to three pounds in three days.

The I-Burn: Why You’ll Lose Weight

The I-Burn targets the body’s inflammatory reactions to food and is designed to scavenge subcutaneous fat. You will also:

  • Create an excretion reaction so your body starts flushing toxins instead of holding on to them.
  • Hydrate your body to dilute toxins and help the kidneys work more easily to flush them out.
  • Deluge the body with kidney-supportive micronutrients.
  • Make the body more alkaline. A stable pH increases the rate at which the body metabolizes, or burns through food and creates an environment that stimulates the fat cells to release fat for fuel.

Inflammation Intervention: What to Eat for It

The I-Burn plan enables you to lose up to three pounds in three days by focusing on the healing of the kidneys, lymphatic system and bladder function. You’ll eat anti-inflammatory foods like lemon, celery, daikon radish, parsley, pink grapefruit, wild-caught fish and healthy fats like avocado, walnuts and pine nuts. These foods will flush out, detoxify and hydrate the body. Your cheekbones will become more prominent, your swollen ankles will return to size and your complexion will appear more radiant.

Tip: For three days, have the I-Burn Soup for a snack or a lunch. 

Article written by Haylie Pomroy
Celebrity nutritionist and wellness consultant