What to Eat for Your Body Type

Eating specific foods that work best for your body type will help you lose weight and prevent disease.

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Dr. Oz Shares the Best Foods to Eat If You Have a Gynoid Body Type (2:56)

Did you know that where you store fat on your body is critical to what you should be putting on your plate? Filling your diet with body-type-specific foods will help you shed pounds and keep you healthy.

There are two major body types–bigger on the top or bigger on the bottom. Fat distribution actually shifts as we age, and as your shape changes you need to eat differently.

What it means if you’re bigger on top:

  • Your fat migrates to your belly and above.
  • You’re an android.

What it means if you’re bigger on the bottom:

  • Your fat settles downward to your butt and legs.
  • You’re a gynoid.