What Your Handwriting Says About Your Health

Want to know how healthy you are? Look no further than your signature. This behind-the-scenes look at handwriting analysis will help you recognize the indicators that it’s time to watch your diet, schedule your next physical exam, and start being more proactive about your health.

Posted on | By Kathi McKnight

Handwriting analysis is an ancient science that has been around since the days of Aristotle. Most commonly known for its assistance in police work and forgery cases, its uses extend far beyond that. 

So, how does it work?

What we write comes from the conscious mind. How we write comes from the subconscious mind.

Handwriting is about the brain, not the hand. Nerve impulses travel down the arm, into the hand, directing the fingers to maneuver the pen. When the ink hits the paper, it actually reveals the complex inner workings inside the writer’s body mind and spirit. A deeply trained graphologist can spot imbalances in handwriting that reveal imbalances in the body mind and spirit.

Let me take you by the hand (pun intended) and show you how a trained graphologist can “read between the lines”.

Things We Watch for:  The upper loops, the lower loops, the size of the writing, the pressure, if the writing is angular or rounded, where the t’s are crossed, where the i’s are dotted, the margins and so very much more. Then we stack all the traits together!

It’s important to note that a graphologist will never diagnose anyone from their handwriting nor do we recommend anyone self diagnose. Just be mindful.   

Before I reveal a few simple tips for what to watch for in your own handwriting you need to know: We all have a mixture of good and not so good traits in our handwriting. It’s part of being perfectly imperfect and deliciously human. You can find a more complete list of traits, and one rare and exclusive look at a strong indicator of potential heart disease in my book, Handwriting Analysis: The Good, the Un-good and the “Un-expected”.

Let’s jump in. Many years of compiled studies and research have discovered that everything from pregnancy to schizophrenia, thyroid imbalance to suicidal tendencies, cancer to Parkinson’s, mental illness to nymphomania, and much more can show up in a person’s writing. The following are some health problems that can be identified in handwriting.

Article written by Kathi McKnight