What Your Handwriting Says About Your Health

Want to know how healthy you are? Look no further than your signature. This behind-the-scenes look at handwriting analysis will help you recognize the indicators that it’s time to watch your diet, schedule your next physical exam, and start being more proactive about your health.

Posted on | By Kathi McKnight


If you have always had rhythmic, beautiful handwriting and it has deteriorated so badly, it may be more than too much computer use. Is there a tremor or shakiness that has developed in the writing? While this can be one of numerous indicators found in handwriting of one battling a serious illness or severe stress, it is also an indicator of a non-life threatening illness called Essential Tremors. One difference between Parkinson’s and Essential Tremors is that, with Essential Tremors, the hand will stop shaking when it rests against something stationary. Let your hand rest on the paper as you prepare to write and notice if the shaking stops. 

High Blood Pressure

Curious about high blood pressure?  Writing with variable pressure is one possible indicator, especially when it goes from light to dark. When in doubt, use a magnifying glass. 


Handwriting deteriorates as the mental faculties deteriorate. 

Ronald Reagan’s handwriting, before Alzheimer’s:

One of many factors includes script that changes to irregular or altered letters coupled with trembles in the writing. The writing will also slow down.

Ronald Reagan’s handwriting, during Alzheimer’s:

Article written by Kathi McKnight